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Shanghai - here I come!

Thanks to the generosity of private donations, a great start from the "Give a Little" page and the massive support from Mum & Dad - I'm able to travel to compete in the Shanghai J2 event next month (30/6 – 6/7)!

I'm currently in the qualifying rounds, due to a strong entry with the top 4 seeds all top 100 players. I'm looking forward to the challenge and if successful I'll accumulate more points toward my world ranking.

Immediately after Shanghai there are two tournaments in Vietnam (8/7 – 22/7). Both of these (according to the acceptance list) are attracting a quality field, and again I look forward to the challenge. At this level it’s about momentum, hence why being able to compete in these tournaments is important, especially after a good result in Malaysia.

I hope you'll follow my progress at: 

Thank you all again so much for your support. Wish me luck.



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