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Extract SBHS Newsletter - October 2019

Reece has had another successful year in tennis regionally, nationally and internationally.

He was an integral member of our 3-man team who won the Secondary School’s National Team Cup in March 2019.

Regionally, he is the current Canterbury Men’s Open Champion. He played in the Canterbury under 16 team that came 2nd in the National Teams Event in Auckland earlier this year. Reece also played No.1 in the South Island Team that won the event in May this year and was awarded the 2019 Canterbury Junior Male player of the year.

Not only has Reece played successfully at school and regional levels, but he continues to impress nationally, winning titles in the u18 and u16 categories.

On top of representing New Zealand in the Junior Davis Cup Team last year, Reece has been regularly competing in ITF tournaments and improving his world ranking.

There are six levels of tournament on the ITF World Tennis Tour for juniors. At the top end are Grade A Tournaments, which include the four Grand Slam events, followed by Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In the past year, Reece has travelled to Vietnam to play in Grade 5 and grade 4 tournaments where he won doubles and singles titles. He has played in a Grade 4 tournament in Malaysia, winning a doubles title and was a finalist in the singles title. He has played in an ITF Tournament here in his hometown and won a doubles title. Playing in these tournaments and earning points, helps to increase his player ranking. Building on from these wins and experiences, Reece has played in Grade 2 ITF tournaments in both Fiji and Australia this year and made it to play off stages in both tournaments. For this level of tournament, a world ranking is necessary for acceptance.

Reece’s current Junior World Ranking is 285 and continues to improve.

In his final year at Shirley Boys High School, Reece is now looking at scholarships to the USA to study and continue his tennis for next year.

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Reece currently has an international world junior ranking of 151. As the top ranked NZ junior in the world, Reece will need to continue to travel internationally in order to challenge tennis heights.

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